Monday, October 20, 2014

Nesting: Baking Edition

So I've got about a month left of pregnancy. I'm bored, I'm anxious, and I am in fear of the unknown.

All of these factors lead to some serious nesting. Nesting is a syndrome that most women experience in different ways and at different times. My nesting has come in different forms, but I first noticed it in the second trimester when I all of a sudden became a clean freak. If you know me well, you know that I am FAR from a clean freak...some would even describe me as messy or dirty. All of a sudden I was doing daily loads of laundry, keeping the bathrooms clean and making the bed daily. Unfortunately, as I eased into the physical exhaustion of the third trimester my nesting has switched gears from cleaning to cooking. For example, as I sit here writing this post, my bathrooms counters and toilets are in desperate need of a cleaning and disinfecting...and what am I about to do? Bake oatmeal cookies.

Pregnancy has turned me into Betty-fuckin-Crocker and I HATED baking before. I am a private chef and would always try and convince my clients to choose an ice cream or cheese plate for dessert because of my serious disdain for the pastry arts. Now, 8 months pregnant, I am whipping up banana breads, cookies and cake recipes for pleasure. This has been the biggest and most noticeable change in my personality since entering the third trimester. My husband loves it by the way. He has always had a sweet tooth and grew up with a mom who just kept tupperware full of homemade fudge and baked goods on the kitchen counter at all times.

So I'm off, to bake cookies...not clean my bathroom like I should. And I can't feel at all bad about it, because as everyone keeps telling me these stress-free days of daytime t.v. watching and leisure baking are numbered. Soon a little squishy tyrant will be calling the shots and running the house and I will be lucky to shower and eat in the same day, let alone bake anything or Clorox a bathroom counter.


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