Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy Anniversary to Us! 1

Happy anniversary to us!

This past weekend Matt celebrated a huge milestone, our one year anniversary. It is incredible that a year has gone by so fast, but when we looked back at all the incredible things we've done this year it becomes easier to believe its actually been 365 days.

We spent the weekend out of the house, which for us is a big coup. We started off the celebration on Saturday morning. We drove out to Bowens Island and rented a tandem kayak and spent the morning in the sunshine on Folly River. The weather was absolutely majestic, the air was warm but the breeze was cool and the tide brought us out with ease. There wasn't another soul around and we paddled and talked, reflecting on our year together as a married couple.

When we got back after a two hour excursion we were both starved so we rushed home to change out of our wet bathing suits and hightailed it to the closest seafood shack on the water. We sat outside on the deck and indulged in fried shrimp, hush puppies, waffle fries and sweet Arnold Palmer's. We watched the boats go by and relaxed into a seriously blissful food coma.

The big event was dinner that evening. Matt has a client who is the general manager at a fabulous Charleston institution called Circa 1886, so we got all dolled up and went to dinner around 7pm.

To say dinner was fabulous would be an understatement. Not only was the restaurant extremely romantic but the food and service were beyond expectation. We leisurely enjoyed a decadent six-course meal that left us both stuffed and serene. The highlight for us both was dessert, which is saying a lot because neither of us would consider ourselves dessert people. The GM sent out a cheese plate that was to die for and we had ordered their croissant doughnuts, also known as CRONUTS. The cronuts were pretty much the best thing I have ever had and I definitely get all the hype about them.

Sunday was another downtown day. We strolled around the old houses and waterfront parks of Charleston, taking photos with our new fancy Nikon camera, stopping only to have breakfast at a quaint crepe place. And would you believe our luck, we happened upon a couple getting engaged in the park. We took it as a good omen for our own anniversary and snapped a few pictures of the happy couple. The rest of the day was spent in normal Sunday fashion, on the couch watching a good movie and waiting for our Sunday night television to begin.

It was a truly perfect weekend