Thursday, October 9, 2014

My 27th Birthday

I turned 27 this week and that means I am officially in my late 20's.

My birthday weekend was low key, which suited me just fine. I honestly don't have the energy for big crowds or parties anymore. I can't drink, so this was a sober of many to come I bet. My birthday fell on a Monday this year so instead of a dinner, we did Sunday brunch at Poogan's Porch downtown with my parents, my sister and her boyfriend, and my great friends Ed and Tess. We ate some delicious food and I received some fabulous gifts. My parents got me two prenatal massages which I desperately need at this point! Carrie got me a very col bangle bracelet, and Tess got me a pedicure and baby some headbands and a pair of white baby Uggs. This baby officially has more pairs of Uggs than I do!

After brunch we went to a biergarten for the 1 o'clock football games and hung out until the Raven's and Giants games were over. My friend from culinary school Chris has a new bakery/bar/lounge opening on East Bay and he invited us to their friends and family party that afternoon. We stopped in to see the place and drink for free. Matt had a few glasses of wine, and I had bacon ice cream...seems about right. After about an hour there, we were both exhausted and sugar high from trying all of Chris's confections, so we went home to crash on the couch with our doggies, and ordered Chinese food. I honestly wouldn't have wanted to spend the night any other way.

Monday, on my actual birthday, Matt worked while I did housework....typical Monday. Monday night was a different story altogether. Two Charleston chefs were doing a one-night-only event called Noodles Without Borders, collaborating Asian street food with traditional Italian cuisine. I could not have planned a better night of food in my wildest dreams. We were the first people in the restaurant and ordered 5 dishes to share. Each one was so unique, such a culinary mind fuck that we were both giddy. Each bite was familiar, exotic and like nothing I had ever had before. The dishes were a true collaboration between the two chefs and I was so insanely happy with the meal I could hardly stand it. I just hope that they do this event again because I will once again be first in line!

Full and glowing in a post-epic meal satisfaction, we got home around 7pm. Did I mention that we were old people and ate at 5:30pm? Anyway, we changed into comfies and posted on the couch for a movie. We rented Chef (very fitting after the night we had) and loved it! And so concluded my birthday. The next day Matt's gift for me arrived in the mail: a brand new Vitamix 7500!!! An essential and oh-so-exciting kitchen toy that we have been talking about purchasing for years. I'm already enjoying it as I sit here drinking a perfectly blended smoothie.

My birthday was great. I got to do my favorite things with my favorite people and I couldn't have asked for more. This next year of my life has so much in store for me already that I can only feel like I am about to embark on a huge new chapter in my life. I am going to become a mom in 6 weeks or so, and my whole life is about to change. I don't know how I got this lucky but I have never been happier in my life than I am married to Matt and growing my daughter. Here's to another great year in the Pontius house!


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