Thursday, October 9, 2014

33 Weeks

How Far Along: 33 weeks, 5 days
How Long To Go: 6 weeks, 2 days
Weight Gain: 1.8lbs
Total Weight Gain: 17lbs
Weight: 136.8lbs
Belly Button: Total outie
Stretch Marks: none..and starting to think I might be safe
Sleep: I don't think sleep in the third trimester is possible. It takes forever for me to get sleepy, and then when I do my back and hips hurt so bad that I have to move to get comfortable again. It's like the weight of my belly is crushing my bones!
Best Moment This Week: My birthday!!!
Nausea: None at all
Craving: nothing this week
Miss Anything: being comfortable, sleep
Movement: She is doing some crazy full body rolls that are now inching into my rib cage and sternum...kind of painful
Gender: bouncing baby girl
Symptoms: still going strong with the back pain, leg pain, feet pain and overall feeling like a weeble wobble
Wedding Ring: on
Looking Forward To: my bestie Rachel coming to visit, and our second (co-ed) baby shower on Saturday. Also, I have my last even tomorrow so after this weekend I am officially on maternity leave!
Maternity Clothes: As fall approaches I am not as excited as I usually am for the change in wardrobe...mostly because my bump is enormous and i can't buy cute new fall clothes
Fruit: Honeydew Melon (4.5lb, 19 inches)
Weird Dreams This Week: Had my first "I'm in labor" dream. Woke up still pregnant...kinda disappointed


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