Monday, September 9, 2013

The Folly Float Frenzy

On Saturday My husband and I participated in a uniquely fun activity, an annual float race called the Folly Float Frenzy. The premiss is simple, teams of up to 12 people create, build and man a floating device down the Folly river, starting at the boat landing and ending at a marina bar called Sunset Cay.

The picture on the right is our teams float. Easily the simplest of the designs. Some other people had some serious structures that they floated down the river. One team had actually constructed a giant turtle out of plywood and fit all 12 people on it with ease.

The Floating Turtle
Before we even got out of the boat landing, Matt got stung by a jellyfish and his dad, my-father-in-law fell out of his tube and lost his sunglasses. We were pretty much a motley crew of mess. The race was over in about an hour and everyone involved was entirely intoxicated. By 1pm my husband and I had partied enough and called it quits at the after party and went home. We couldn't believe it was only 1pm!. In our state, we truly believed it to be early evening (woops!).

Needless to say the rest of the day was spend on our couch with a glorious sack of Chinese food (my guiltiest of pleasures) and an entire season of Spartacus on DVR.

It was a lovely little Saturday.


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