Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Starting Off Under The Weather

Today hasn't started off the way I had planned. I went to my Bodyflow class at the gym, hit the grocery store, and by the time I made it home I had taken a turn for the worse. Throat closing, head aching, I have all the budding symptoms of getting really sick. Who gets sick in the summer?!!?

Anyway I had planned to get all of my cooking done in the afternoon for my meal deliveries tomorrow. (One of the services I offer with my business is gourmet meal deliveries that seem to be really popular with housewives and working moms alike). So my delivery days are Monday and Wednesday which gives me Tuesday to shop, cook, and prepare meals for my clients.

This being my first official day of blogging, I'm not off to a great start. Hopefully I will get my health in check and be back to normal tomorrow. For now I am headed into the kitchen to make Baked Chicken Alfredo Penne for my clients tomorrow.


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