Friday, September 26, 2014

Late Post: My Baby Shower!!!

I have slipped into a serious case of the lazies these past two weeks. I have barely enough motivation to do anything and I feel like an exhausted blob. Unfortunately that means I have neglected posting about a lot of exciting goings on, including my incredible baby shower!!

It was about two weeks ago now, when I was 30 weeks.

My mom and sisters hosted it at my moms house and the theme was pink! A girly baby shower luncheon was exactly what I had in mind and they totally delivered. A group of lovely ladies gathered and we ate food and played a few silly games and celebrated baby Pontius! I was so overwhelmed with gifts and love it was so so special. I was especially touched that two of my best girl friends from college traveled from Maryland and New Jersey, respectively, to be there for the special occasion.

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