Wednesday, March 30, 2016

28 Weeks: Third Trimester

Well here we are in the final stretch. Going to the doctor every two weeks now and getting so big I need a hearty push out of bed in the morning.

This past week has been crappy. I went to the OB on Wednesday and I am measuring 2cm behind, which basically means my tummy is the size it should be at 26 weeks, not 28. So if I am still small at my next appointment they will want to do another ultrasound in order to make sure baby boy is growing well. I have also given myself a hernia on my belly button, probably from lifting Lyla and running around with her. It's not major, but it could get worse and look awful in the long run. On Thusday (yesterday) I went for the dreaded 3-hour glucose tolerance test. This is a test I never had to do with Lyla because I passed the preliminary 1-hour test. This test determines whether or not you have gestational diabetes. So I sat in a lab for three hours and got my blood drawn four times, all while fasting and being fed this terrible syrup drink they give you. I wont know the results for a couple of days.

So this hasn't been the best week for me. The grand cherry on top is that Lyla has a bad cold that she picked up from her cousin on her recent visit. It was inevitable, but it is still hard to see her feeling bad. She had a rough night of sleep last night and wont eat much which is extremely unlike her. Hopefully it passes quickly.

My anxieties about having a second baby seem to be subsiding. I am still dramatically aware of how hard life is about to become, and trust me, it scares the hell out of me. BUT, I keep thinking about that little boy that is going to complete our family, and how quickly Lyla's first year has passed. Hopefully I can keep the fear at bay and cherish these last few months of being pregnant and only having one child out in the world to worry about.

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