Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I have found it very hard to find time to blog in the past few weeks. Mostly because I've been busy with work and also because there have been so many developments that it's hard to talk about one at a time. Before you even think it, no, I'm not pregnant. I am in the throws of vagina hell as my period showed up a week and a half early last night and ripped me from sleep with its combination of aches and pains. The things no one tells you about getting off of birth control is just how long it can take to bring your body back to neutral. I am hopeful that all this turmoil is on its way out and I am going to get fertile soon.

Another development is that planning my sisters baby shower is under way. She is expecting a baby girl in May and my mom and me couldn't be more excited. My mom has actually crossed a line into baby mania and is preparing a nursery at her home. A nursery for a newborn that will live 13 hours away...practical right? Anyway my sister is taking pregnancy in stride, no terrible morning sickness or much to complain about. We all can't wait for the baby to arrive and find out what her name is and who she looks like.

Matt and I have decided to redecorate our living room. Before and after photos to follow.

Anyway, this isn't that interesting of a post so I will keep it short. Keep warm in this snowy weather!


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